Kistler Barn-Repurposed and Renewed

I’m fascinated by how barns fit the needs and vernacular style of a region: pole barns, round barns, corn cribs, monitor style, sheds, hip roof and double hip. So I jumped at the opportunity when JMA and Architectural Resources Group asked me to document the renovation of the old Kistler Barn. The vertical redwood siding […]

Casa Luis Barragán, Mexico City

When Luis Barragán received the Pritzker Prize in 1980, he said “I have received this prize for having devoted myself to architecture as a sublime act of poetic imagination. Consequently, I am only a symbol for all those who have been touched by beauty….It is alarming that publications devoted to architecture have banished from their […]

Matt Kahn Residence, Stanford, CA

After Matt’s death, his son and daughter, Ira and Claire, contacted me to photograph his house. They wanted to record it as he left it, with his artwork and collections in place. Matt taught art and design at Stanford University for 60 years. He and their mother Lyda designed interiors for most of Joseph Eichler’s […]

Natural Instinct

I am curious about the mystery of what makes us human and how we choose to shelter ourselves. I am drawn to Native American structures, abandoned ruins, paths and other places in our landscape that evoke an earlier presence. The melding of materials with the landscape and a structure’s ability to capture natural light shows […]

Barcelona Pavilion

Mies van der Rohe designed the German Pavilion for the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929. It was destroyed in 1930 but reconstructed in 1986. I was excited to finally see this building, given its significance to 20th Century Architecture. The openings lead to rooms, divided by glass panels and large beautiful slabs of book-matched […]

A Farm in Virginia

Sharon and I recently visited my childhood friend John Kirchner, who lives in Woodville, Virginia. He’s a conceptual artist ( His farmhouse was built in the 1850s and was briefly a Union camp during the Civil War. The house sits in a secluded hollow with a stream and surrounded by a crisply mowed lawn. The […]
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